Criminal Defense

Fighting Central Illinois Criminal Charges

Steven G. Jones Law Office represents people in need of a strong criminal defense in Decatur, Springfield, and surrounding communities in Central Illinois. We are efficient legal advocates who offer cost-effective and aggressive representation.

Begin fighting against your criminal charges as soon as you have been arrested. Hire an attorney to protect key evidence, interview witnesses, and construct timelines that confirm your alibi.

Contact our firm if you or someone you love needs help with a difficult legal situation. Steven G. Jones Law Office is waiting with patient and experienced guidance to help you assert your rights and protect your innocence.

Our firm defends clients against a host of criminal charges:

  • Drug charges – manufacturing, distribution, & possession

  • Theft – petty & felony offenses

  • Assault & battery

  • Domestic violence

  • Homicide & manslaughter

  • DUI and Drunk Driving crimes

  • Underage drinking

  • Vandalism

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Decatur Criminal Defense Attorney

Our law office boasts a long legal history working with the Illinois criminal justice system.

Our criminal defenses are informed by over two decades of legal practice prosecuting and defending people in Central Illinois. Our lawyers are comfortable and familiar with the administrative process and court system and has the insight to anticipate the prosecution’s strategy as your case progresses.

Because your freedom matters

Steven G. Jones Law Office offers a safety zone for people accused of crimes. Talk to us freely about your charges, knowing you are protected by the attorney/client relationship. You will find professionals at our firm who know how to help improve your situation and get you the legal help you need.

Do not hesitate to protect your freedom or the freedom of your family and friends. We are a criminal defense law firm in Decatur and Springfield waiting to do everything we can to keep you out of jail and protect your best interest.

If I do not believe I did anything wrong, can I resist an arrest?

Do not resist arrest in any physical manner, as that is illegal and can result in another charge against you of resisting arrest. You can refuse to speak to officers, but do so politely and otherwise cooperate physically even if you believe the arrest is invalid or unlawful.

Am I entitled to legal counsel?

The U.S. and Illinois Constitutions guarantee your right to legal counsel before you speak to anybody, including police, but you can waive that right by agreeing to talk to police or even your friends and family. Therefore, do not speak to anybody about your matter in any way, unless you are willing to pay the consequences of waiving your rights.